Ofcom Grants Code Powers to Fibrewave Networks

In May Fibrewave Networks submitted an application to Ofcom requesting that Code Powers granted to the company. Today, Wednesday 12th September 2012, Fibrewave is pleased to announce that our application has been successful!

David Stewart, Competition Policy Director at Ofcom has issued the direction applying the Electronics Communications Code to Fibrewave Networks Limited.

The text can be found on Page 18 of the appendices section of the consultation document (Proposal to apply Code Powers to Fibrewave Networks Limited). PDF

A full register of persons holding code powers is available here and includes ourselves.

Obtaining Code Powers is an important milestone for the company. The code provides Fibrewave with the rights to install and maintain equipment on public land, which means that we are able to use the public highways to build the network. It is also a prerequisite of access to BT Openreach PIA (Duct & Pole Sharing) products.

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