Fibrewave Networks Limited was founded with the specific aim to bring super-fast broadband to the "final third" of the population that look unlikely to be served by the large or incumbent telecommunications operators any time soon. We believe that people who live in the countryside should have access to super-fast broadband just as fast as those people living in the towns and cities.
Our Network

Fibrewave are not just another Internet Service Provider. Most Internet Service Providers in the UK utilise the BT Network in order to connect from their own core network to businesses and homes around the UK. This means that the ISPs are all essentially selling the same product, and are dependent on BT to innovate in order to sell new products. At Fibrewave, we don’t sign up to this idea. We think that a truly innovative ISP needs to do something different. We Install, Operate and Maintain our own network right up to the wires that connect to your home or business. This means that we have total control over the quality of the service we provide, the prices that we charge, and are not dependent on other companies in order to devise new products or to reach areas that are not currently served.

In rural broadband there isn't a "one size fits all" solution. Varying terrain along with the fact that villages can range in size from 50 houses to several hundred houses mean that the larger players struggle to find a solution. Not being reliant on other companies allows us flexibility in the technologies that we can deploy which means we can tailor a solution to the situation. We have a growing number of technologies open to us including Fibre to the Home, Wireless, and in the near future, TV White Space.

Our Attitude

Fibrewave are a small company with a local interest. Our founders and staff all live and work in East Anglia, so we know first-hand the geography of the region and what the current state of rural broadband is. East Anglia is one of the most poorly served regions for broadband speeds, and we aim to address this.

We aim to provide a friendly and personal service where staff listen more than they talk, and we certainly don't use call centres reading from menus. If you have a need to contact us, your problem will be dealt with by someone with the knowledge to resolve it for you.
Pat Henry
Pat has twenty years of experience as director of a group of companies specialising in civil engineering and telecom networks. He has acquired a thorough knowledge of telecom network build and maintenance, with such clients as Virgin Media, BT Openreach, and Cable & Wireless. Prior to this he has worked within IT, developing machine vision systems.

Jim Henry
Jim is an experienced and successful company director of several profitable trading companies in the construction sector. He started his career in the development of management information systems, gaining extensive experience of business systems and procedures.

Jim has overseen the installation and maintenance of telecom networks for major carriers for over 25 years.

Tim Warren
Tim brings with him over a decade of experience in high-tech engineering projects having worked for industry leading blue chip technology companies in the cellular and networking markets. He has also designed automotive technology that is in use on Formula 1 Racing cars, and aerospace technology that is part of the Eurofighter Typhoon Military Fast Jet programme.

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